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Pea Ridge,AK

        Located in the Northwest corner of Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains, Pea Ridge has a population today of 4,778.  It is the site of the 4,300 acre National Military Park, which preserves as a national park the location of the Civil War "Battle of Pea Ridge" fought in 1862.  The Battle of Pea Ridge is considered the largest Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi.  With the Union troops emerging victorious at the battle, the Confederate Army's move to occupy Missouri was halted at Pea Ridge.  A portion of the historic Cherokee "Trail of Tears" (Northern Route) passes through the Pea Ridge National Military Park.
        The three photos below are thought to capture the scene in Pea Ridge during the run on banks of the 1920's.  Joe's grandfather, J. M. Putman, was a banker in town, and Joe's father, Albert Putman, was an avid photo hobbyist.  Both had an interest in the events of the Great Depression.  These photos were thought to be taken by Albert Putman.  In the distance can be seen a crowd of people surrounding a business on the main street of town which is thought to be a bank.  J. M. Putman also sat on the Bank Board and was well informed about which banks in the area were in difficulty.   
Pea Ridge Arkansas 1920's.  Photo courtesy Butch Putman. 
Pea Ridge, Arkansas, 1930's.
Photo Courtesy of Butch Putman